SyriCalm CLR (PC)

SyriCalm CLR (PC) is a natural soothing active with strong and broad in vivo and in vitro support. It is typically useful in the treatment and care of skin, which is stressed by external factors. It will help in reducing skin redness, will alleviate skin irritation and will help in normalizing and keeping the skin’s natural balance.

Mode of action

Negative external influences lead to inflammation and the loss of barrier function of our skin. UV light induced erythema is a well-known example, but other influences like depilation, shaving, daily hygiene can be considered as being equally important. In order to effectively deal with the many external negative influences our skin is exposed to, it is important to focus on both inflammation and the barrier function of the epidermis.

SyriCalm CLR (PC) is based on Phragmites Communis and Poria cocos with a focus on reducing inflammation and keeping inflammation under control. SyriCalm CLR (PC) also has barrier repairing and barrier maintenance function. All in all SyriCalm CLR (PC) helps the skin become less reactive to negative impacts and it helps the skin in returning to a normal state faster.

The common name for Phragmites Communis is Reed. It is a large aquatic grass native to tropical regions all over the world. Mankind has found many uses for it, including roof thatching and water treatment. The pharmacological values of Phragmites Communis were recognized long ago. It has been used in traditional medicine in the treatment of coughs, fevers and even cancer. The Navajo Indians in northern America used Phragmites in the treatment of skin ailments.

Poria cocos is a solid fungus also known as Fu Ling, Tuckahoe, Indian bread, or Hoelen, and grows on the roots of pine trees. It is an omnipotent ingredient which has been used in Chinese and other far eastern medicine extensively. Almost 10% of all traditional Chinese medical preparations contain Poria cocos. Many beneficial actions have been attributed to Poria cocos. Among others it has been used for its immunological, antitumor and anti-inflammatory effects. Other uses of Poria cocos are “draining dampness,” for insomnia, to balance electrolytes, and “invigorate” the spleen. Poria cocos has been traditionally used as a tonic to benefit the internal organs. It easy to see why Poria has been known as the “medicine of immortality.”

SyriCalm CLR (PC) has a proven beneficial effect on skin cells stressed by UV light. It strongly reduces the loss in cellular energy level, cell viability and potently down regulates the production of proinflammatory mediators. This was proven in vivo , where SyriCalm CLR (PC) showed a significant acceleration of the reduction of skin redness after being inflamed by UV irradiation. SyriCalm CLR (PC) out performed the positive control which contained an anti-histamine.

SyriCalm CLR (PC) was shown in vitro to be able to compensate for the phototoxic effects of Hypericine on cell viability, a well known photoallergen. SyriCalm CLR (PC) reduced the production of TNFα and IL-8, two of the most important pro-inflammatory mediators known to induce skin irritation, after treatment with Hypericine and UV irradiation.

Both in vitro and in vivo it was shown that SyriCalm CLR (PC) had a significant effect on epidermal homeostasis and barrier function. The importance of this is an underestimated topic in cosmetology and skin which is stressed by external influences. In this in vivo study, SyriCalm CLR (PC) performed better than the positive control, a pharmaceutical formulation intended to give relief to strongly inflamed skin.

Another neglected area is the osmotic shock that skin cells are exposed to when the skin is stressed by external factors. SyriCalm CLR (PC) showed its beneficial effects, strongly down regulating the production of pro-inflammatory mediators by osmotically stressed keratinocytes.