Xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth, covers a set of symptoms resulting from the partial or complete loss of salivary gland secretion. This condition may be a consequence of, among others: radiotherapy (head and neck cancers, irradiation of the whole body), chemotherapy, use of drugs, general diseases as well as diseases of the salivary glands, elderly and local factors (e.g. smoking, use of local dentures).

The symptoms of xerostomia include, first of all, difficulties in speaking and swallowing food, dysgeusia, itching and burning sensation of the tongue and lips, mechanical damage to the oral mucosa and discoloration of the oral cavity.

Reduced saliva production has an influence on the change of the pH in the oral cavity, creating favourable conditions for the development of pathogens, which may lead to chronic infections in the oral cavity, tooth decay and periodontal diseases. In order to improve the patient’s quality of life, in addition to pharmacological treatment, it is recommended to use oral moisturizing and coating agents that ensure proper protection of the oral mucosa.

What is Xeriho protecting oral cavity coating gel?

Xeriho protecting oral cavity coating gel is a medical device in the form of a film-forming gel used to increase the level of hydration of tissues in the oral cavity, reduce the feeling of dryness, coat and protect mucous membranes in patients with xerostomia.

The product is intended for adults.

Ingredients effects

The xylitol used in the product reduces the risk of tooth decay.

MUCOSAVE™ CG is a patented blend of two plant extracts combining the strong physical protection of Opuntia bioadhesive polysaccharides with the soothing effect of Olive Leaf biophenols. The synergic effect of Opuntia and Olive extracts produces a physical protection of mucosal surface, the induction of a more rapid recovering of the physiological mucosal barrier and a calming and anti-inflammatory activity.

Opuntia polysaccharides are used as mucoprotective agent because they are able to form a protective layer on mucosal surface and to accelerate the re-epithelization of dermal wound.

Adhesive capacity and the adhesive time of polysaccharides on mucosal cells. Recently, compelling scientific evidence supports the action of Olive biophenols as protective agents against oxidative damage and inflammation associated to mucosal disorders.

Opuntia polysaccharides mucoprotective activity could be mainly related to their bioadhesive proprieties on epithelial mucosa (Galati et al., 2001, 2002). As reported by Galati et al. (2001, 2002), treatment with Opuntia Ficus Indica Cladodes prevented the development of ethanol-induced ulcers (preventive treatment) or promoted a faster recovery time (curative treatment). It is known that natural polysaccharides can interact with proteins such as mucin and the polar head of membrane phospholipids. They could have a protective effect once they replace hydrogen bonds of water molecules, generating and increasing local viscosity.

The capacity of Opuntia polysaccharides to adhere on the cell surface and to form a physical protection showing a good resistance to the continuous contact with physiological fluid flow.

Polyphenols such as simple phenolic compounds, flavonoids, secoiridoids, cinnamic acid or lignans possess a strong anti-inflammatory and lenitive activity.

Olive polyphenols are able to protect mucosa not only as simple antioxidant and radical scavengers, but they can block LPS-induced NFkB activity of cells and, consequently, they can affect the inflammatory processes associated with mucosal diseases.

What is Xeriho protecting oral cavity coating gel used for?

Xeriho protecting oral cavity coating gel is a medical device which, in the event of a saliva deficiency, covers and protects the oral mucosa, thus contributing to the maintenance of proper tissue hydration. The product is intended to alleviate the symptoms of xerostomia. The use of the gel reduces the feeling of dry mouth, improves the patient’s comfort both during the day and at night.

Effects: physical protection, soothing effect, recovering of the physiological mucosal barrier and a calming and anti-inflammatory activity, mucoprotective, accelerate the re-epithelization of dermal wound, bioadhesive proprieties on epithelial mucosa, lenitive