Glycerin (sometimes called glycerol) is a naturally occurring alcohol compound found in all animal, plant, and human tissues, including the skin and blood. Is a viscous, colourless and doorless liquid that has a sweet taste. It is hygroscopic in nature. It is used in the personal care industry because of its moisturizing properties. It improves smoothness, provides lubrication, and acts as a humectant. It is commonly used in soaps, skin care and hair care products.

Glycerin is a well-known humectant that prevents the loss of moisture from products so they don’t dry out as quickly. Other reported functions for glycerin include use as skin conditioning agent— humectant, skin protectant and viscosity decreasing agent.

Scientific Facts:

Glycerin is a precursor for synthesis of triglycerides and phospholipids in the liver and fat tissues. When the body uses stored fat as a source of energy, glycerol and fatty acids are released into the bloodstream.