Biochemical Analysis system Full Auto Chemistry Analyzer





Model: MC-480
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Biochemical Analysis system Full Auto Chemistry Analyzer

What is the detail of our chemistry analyzer?

Required sample/reagent volume reduced to a very low range.
The syringe piston made from ceramic, which ensures high precision of sampling and low maintenance cost.

High accuracy 
With the evading functions, can increase the times of cleaning by software setting, effectively eliminate cross-contamination, such as cross-contamination between
reagents or that caused by turbidity test.
Upon detection of an abnormal in water blank measurement
before analysis, it is automatically skipped over for exclusion from analysis, cuvette’s number will be displayed.
Auto washing with heated water, Keep the cuvette temperature stable.

With VOD(vertical obstacle detection) system, automatically and precisely detect liquid level.
With the volume tracking technology, real-time monitoring the reagent level.
ID management function ensures reliability and security.
User access to data enquiry and maintenance are under control.

High performance
Holographic concave flat field grating with rear spectrop-hotometry, cluster optical path, can achieve microvolume detection of reaction solution. Stable data photometry can be acheieved even in a minimum reaction volume.

Random access function for emergency analysis is available.
The sample disk has a free adapter for allowing the user to set sample cups and sample tubes of different sizes.
Two or more consumed in items.
bottles can be set for one reagent that is large quantity for frequently requested test
The analysis results of each test can be checked on screen.
Laboratory can therefore respond to any urgent inquiry from the in-patient and out-patient department. Moreover, In STAT sample analysis, all test result data can be transmitted to the host computer.
Biochemical AnalysisBiochemical Analysis

What is specification of our auto chemistry analyzer?

Full Auto Chemistry Analyzer