96Wells Medical Elisa Microplate Reader And Washer




Model: MCL-ER05
MOQ: 1 set
Lead time: 3-15 working days



96Wells Medical Elisa Microplate Reader And Washer

Main Features

1.PC computer operation, convenience operation. External print reports, print patients with multi-format test report.

2.Humanized menu, support in English language.

3.Visible and flexible set plate, the position and quantity of blank, comparison, standard and sample can be set.

4.Single-board multi-item testing, 96 kinds of quantitative or qualitative testing can be done simultaneously.on the same plate, item wavelength can vary.

5.Automatic single/double wavelength examination, support many kinds of qualitative or measurable analytical models.

6.Large-capacity hard disk, store tens of millions testing results and call out or print out momentarily.

7.Arbitrary choice of open programming, reagents, reaction plate.

8.The instrument has a self-test and calibration function.

9.Comes with no less than 15 kinds of calculation methods.

microplate reader

Microplate Types  Flat bottom, U-shaped, V-shaped 96 well plate
Measurement system  8 channel optical system
Wavelength range  400-750nm
Filter  405,450,492,630nm, and four optional
Vibration  Variable speed and time shaking mode
Reading range  0-4.0Abs
Repeatability  ≤0.3%
Stability  ≤0.005Abs/10min
Difference of channels  ≤0.010Abs
Linear R  ≥99.9%
Reading speed  5sec single wavelength,10sec double wavelength
Interface  Serial port RS-232