30 Channels Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate ESR Analyzer




Model: MCL-ESR2
MOQ: 1 set
Lead time: 3-15 working days




30 Channels Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate ESR Analyzer

Main Features

1. Random access

2. Up to 30 samples can be scanned simultaneously

3. Throughput: up to 60 samples /hour

4. Temperature compensation refer to 18℃ according to Westergren method

5. ESR curve display and print-out

6. Touch screen , large LCD display

7. Built-in internal thermal recorder

Area of application Erythrocyte sedimentation rate analysis
Measuring principle Infrared sensor
Reading channels 30 available channels
Loading capability Up to 30 samples at a time
Loading pattern Random
Measuring time 30 minutes or 60 minutes selectable
Throughput Up to 60 samples per hour
Analysis result In Westergren ESR value (mm/hr)
Temperature compensation Refer to 18°C automatically (selectable)
Reading resolution 0.2mm
Reproducibility < 0.3% or 2mm/1h
Result resolution 1mm/1h
Blood level range 50mm~64mm
Display LCD screen with backlight
Input Touch screen
Interface RS-232 serial port
Print Internal thermal recorder
Power supply AC 220V/110V ±10%,50/60/Hz, 50W
Operation conditions Temperature 15C°~32°C Humidity ≤85%
Dimension 400mm×300mm×200mm(L×W×H)
Net weight 11.5kg