Fully Automatic 5-part Hematology Analyzer




Model: MCL-7510
MOQ: 1 set
Lead time: 3-15 working days





Fully Automatic 5-part Hematology Analyzer

Features of our hematology analyzer
Auto hematology analyzera convenient, efficient, economical and versatile analyer for WBC 5-part differntial.
utilize advanced , dual focused flow aperture for the differential of leukocyte
4 test channels, 32 parameters
throughput: 60 samples/hour
Automatic alarm for the abnormal samples
Multi-language operating system, User-define report.
Manual sampling; Cap piercer sampling; Auto sampler and Cap piercer
Lymphocyte, Eosinophil, Basophil, Neutrophil, Monocyte
Absorbance, impedence
LMNE channel scatter-gram
BASO channel histogram
The fluorescent dyed leukocyte flow into the sheath-flow-pool following sheath-flow. They were classified by photometry and electric methods in-phase assay and count. Various type sub-leukocytes was accurately classified and counted.

Specifications of our 5-part hematology analyzer