5 Part Hematology Counting Cell Blood Diagnostic CBC Machine




Model: MCL-HA09
MOQ: 1 set
Lead time: 3-15 working days

5 Part Hematology Counting Cell Blood Diagnostic CBC Machine

What are features of our cbc machine?

3D Cutting-edge technology

This cbc machine utilizes the latest technology of 3-dimensional laser stimulation for the blood cell identification. The 3-dimensional scattergram makes the WBC differential analysis more accurate, with sensitive flagging (WBC, RBC & PLT) for pathological sample discrimination and counting failure flags.

Diagnostic CBC Machine

User-friendly interface

Powerful worklist

Windows operation system basis

Comprehensive data management

Quality Control and Calibration chart

Bi-directional LIS connection via HL7 protocol data transmit

USB barcode scanner for sample information reading

Easy Operation and Maintenance

One-key click for error elimination

More than 20 flagging rules defined by user

Routine maintenance is automatically performed at startup and shutdown

Auto clotting detection and unclotting

Reliability and Intelligent Flagging

High correlation with manual microscopic counting

The pathological samples (e.g. atypical lymphocytes, large immature cell, infectious, microcytosis, anemia, eosinophilia

platelet clump, etc.) can be flagging by intelligent algorithm