What is chemofoot Cream for therapy of Hand Foot Syndrome?

Cream for therapy of Hand Foot Syndrome is a medical device in form of cream, rich in ingredients which form on skin moisturising-lubricating protective barrier. Created film, eases course of dermatological side effects of chemotherapy.  The cream should be used as support for main oncological therapy (chemotherapy).

The medical device was created in collaboration with oncologists, for special needs of patients undergoing cancer therapy.

What is chemofoot Cream for therapy of Hand Foot Syndrome used for?

Hand-Foot Syndrome is a side effect of chemotherapy, characteristic for many currently used chemotherapeutics like 5-fluorouracil,  pegylated liposomal doxorubicin, interleukin 2, docetaxel, capecitabine, vinorelbine, gemcitabine and continuous infusion of doxorubicin, cytarabine, idoxuridine) or other biological medicines  (e.g. protein kinase inhibitors).  Among early symptoms of the syndrome should be indicated: tingling sensation, burning and stiffening on the hands and feet surface. Afterwards redness and proceeding pain appears. Other symptoms of that syndrome are: keratinization, desquamation, protrusion and fracture of the skin. Also blisters and ulcers can appear.

These symptoms not only influence the life comfort of the patients but also when are very serious can cause lowering of therapeutic dose or even temporary treatment termination. Therefore very important is proper protection of hand and feet to prevent and ease of occurring symptoms of syndrome. It is recommended to avoid strong skin irritating substances like perfumes, forceful washing compounds, hot baths, wearing too tight shoes and excessing sun exposure. It is also recommended to regular use of moisturizing and softening creams, which prevent keratinization of the skin, particular those containing urea with concentration lower than 10%.

Cream for therapy of Hand Foot Syndrome contains urea in the form of hydroxyethyl urea, which intensely moisturises and softens irritated skin. Additionally contained in the product substances like Omega Plus (oil complex of 5 ingredients: olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, sesame oil and macadamia oil), Shea butter, silk proteins or Syricalm (complex of extracts from Phragmites kharka and Poria cocos), which lubricate and moisturise skin, so that ensuring protective barrier from harmful external factors. They also create proper environment for natural regenerating processes. Proper moisturizing and lubrication of the skin, decreasing symptoms of itching, burning and tightness.