GI Balance® ONCO


 GI BALANCE emerges as an indispensable component in the cancer therapeutic arsenal, providing an amalgam of benefits that enhance the effectiveness of the treatment and increase the quality of life of cancer patients.

How it works GI BALANCE®  ONCO

 GI BALANCE® ONCO is the only comprehensive treatment that acts synergistically on the cause and on the four key levels to improve, balance and restore digestive function, which are involved in the basis of multiple pathologies.:

  1. Improving the digestion process: Acting on ingested food, macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) leaving them ready to be absorbed in the intestine.
  2. Restoring the mucosa, intestinal flora and intestinal permeability: Acting on the intestinal structure and function, helping to repair the intestinal mucosa damaged by toxins, chemical agents and other irritating substances.
  3. Balances the intestinal microbiota: With a metabolic action that results in the recovery of energy and nutrients, and the protection of the patient against invasion by foreign microorganisms.
  4. Reducing inflamation levels:  Acting on the basis of the regulation of the exogenous absorption of histamine, reducing its exacerbation and the consequent inflammatory cascade, related to multiple pathologies and symptoms that interfere with the prognosis and quality of life of many patients.


Increased Effectiveness and Tolerance:

Improvement of Nutrient Absorption: The special formulation of GI BALANCE®  ONCO can enhance the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, which promotes better nutrition and greater tolerance to antineoplastic therapies (Kolida, S., et al. 2007).

Reduction of Inflammation: The special formulation of GI BALANCE®  ONCO, such as amino acids and probiotics, have anti-inflammatory properties that can help mitigate inflammation induced by oncological treatment, thus improving tolerance to it (Cruzat, V., et al. 2018).

Prevention and Reduction of the Severity of Stomatitis and Mucositis:

Strengthening the Intestinal Barrier: The special formulation of GI BALANCE®  ONCO strengthens the integrity of the intestinal barrier, reducing bacterial translocation and reducing both the incidence and severity of mucositis (Loguercio, C., et al. 2005).

Stimulation of Tissue Healing: The inclusion of some elements in GI BALANCE®  ONCO improve the healing of damaged tissues in the oral mucosa, which helps prevent and reduce the severity of both stomatitis and mucositis (Menezes, S. M., et al. 2018).

For more specific and effective care of mucositis, it is recommended to complement the
treatment with OROPHAX 360, a gel designed for the conditioning and treatment of
mucositis, providing a comprehensive action to improve the quality of life of oncology

For acute episodes, ORALTOUCH is an oral spray specially formulated to relieve the
acute symptoms of oral mucositis. Its anti-inflammatory action helps reduce inflammation and promote hydration of the oral mucosa, relieving pain and burning sensations in the oral mucosa. This facilitates the intake of solid and liquid foods, thus contributing to improving the patient’s nutrition and well-being during cancer treatment.

Prevention and Reduction of Treatment-Associated Diarrhea:

Restoration of Microbial Balance: The special formulation of GI BALANCE®  ONCO can restore the balance of the intestinal microbiota, preventing diarrhea associated with treatment by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria (Isaacs, K., et al. 2016).

Strengthening the Intestinal Barrier: The special formulation of GI BALANCE®  ONCO, such as amino acids and probiotics, fortify the intestinal barrier, reducing intestinal permeability and the incidence of diarrhea associated with treatment (Mitsuyama, K., et al. 2014).

Optimization of Wound Healing:

Stimulation of Collagen Synthesis: The ingredients in GI BALANCE®  ONCO stimulate the synthesis of collagen, a fundamental protein in wound healing. This favors more efficient and faster healing (Wischmeyer, P. E., et al. 2003).

Reduction of Inflammation: The special formulation of GI BALANCE®  ONCO modulates the inflammatory response at the wound site, promoting an optimal environment for healing by reducing inflammation and stimulating fibroblast activity (Guo, S., et al. 2013).

Prevention and Reduction of Neurotoxic Effects:

Antioxidant Properties: The components of GI BALANCE®  ONCO act as antioxidants, protecting nerve cells from oxidative damage caused by chemotherapy, which contributes to reducing neurotoxicity (Savarese, D. M., et al. 2003).

Modulation of Inflammation: The special formulation of GI BALANCE®  ONCO can modulate the inflammatory response in the central nervous system, attenuating neuroinflammation associated with chemotherapy and mitigating neurotoxic effects (Wang, T., et al. 2019).

Increased Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity and Glutathione Levels:

Regulation of the Immune System: The special formulation of GI BALANCE®  ONCO regulates the immune response, stimulating the activity of Natural Killer cells and promoting the synthesis of glutathione, which enhances the antitumor response (López, P., et al. 2016).

Promotion of Glutathione Synthesis: GI BALANCE®  ONCO ingredients act as precursors for glutathione, a key endogenous antioxidant. Increased glutathione levels protect cells from oxidative damage and reduce tumor size (Shi, H., et al. 2017).

The specific product designed to accelerate the recovery of the immune system and
reduce the patient’s vulnerability to immunosuppression and neutropenia induced by
oncological treatments is INMUNOMOOD. This unique formulation offers a special
combination that has a synergistic effect on the cells of the immune system, acting as
a precursor to active metabolites and promoting antioxidant function and immune
response (Gómez-Gómez, L., et al. 2020). In addition, it acts as a precursor to glutathione, which contributes significantly to strengthening the immune response (Pérez-Rivero, E., et al. 2019). Likewise, INMUNOMOOD acts on various cells of the immune system, offering comprehensive protection against immunosuppression induced by oncological therapy (Sánchez-Sánchez, J., et al. 2018).

Reduction of Protein Loss and Improvement of Nutritional Status:

Stimulation of Protein Synthesis: The components of GI BALANCE®  ONCO stimulate protein synthesis, thus preventing protein loss and improving the patient’s nutritional status during oncological treatment (Cruzat, V., et al. 2018).

Facilitation of Nutrient Absorption: The special formulation of GI BALANCE®  ONCO improves the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, ensuring an adequate supply of essential nutrients to maintain nutritional status (Szajewska, H., et al. 2010).