INMUNOMOOD® is a product allied to the oncologist, which accelerates the recovery of the immune system, nutrition and reduces the vulnerability/fragility of the patient after the treatment cycle, preparing him to arrive in the best conditions for the next cycle or, once the treatment is finished, restore defence levels to avoid opportunistic infections that can complicate the patient’s prognosis and even put his own life at risk.

One of the most important side effects of chemotherapy treatment is, no doubt, the risk of suffering from neutropenia. When the defences are dramatically reduced, other symptoms may appear that increase the discomfort that chemo or radiotherapy treatment already generates, such as fever, diarrhoea, nausea, or chills, in addition to the risk of suffering from a major or fatal infection.

The key is strengthening your body and not let chemotherapy or radiotherapy exposes the patient to other diseases. It is key to raise the mechanisms to increase the defences and strengthen the patient after cancer treatment.

The necessary product that, administered after finishing each cycle of chemo and radiotherapy, strengthens the patient’s immune system, speeds up the patient’s recovery, and aligns with the treatment received to try to eliminate the cancer.

That product is INMUNOMOOD®.