What is OROPHAX 360® :

It is the first food supplement to be used as a basis for the conditioning and treat oncological mucositis and the adverse effects associated with it, in patients undergoing CT chemotherapy and/or RT radiotherapy.

The necessary ally of cancer treatment

In addition, OROPHAX 360® is an ally of CT and RT treatment, which gives it a unique competitive advantage, with two important features:

  1. Does not interfere with the efficacy of cancer treatment.
  2. It reduces the risk of interruption of the patient’s treatment cycles, due to the persistence of adverse effects, key to patient survival.

OROPHAX 360® is a food supplement in the form of a gel, with 14 elements specially designed to act on the keys to reduce the impact of chemo and radiotherapy, on the quality of life and the prognosis of these patients:

When to use OROPHAX 360®

In preventive mode when chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment is to be started, one week before.

  • During RT and/or CT treatment.
  • During phases 0 to 3 of Oral Mucositis Classification according to the WHO.
  • After CT and/or RT treatment, until the disappearance of the adverse effects.

OROPHAX 360® main features:

  • Preventive: Providing elements that reinforce the mucosa and prepare it, putting it in a better position to receive CT and/or RT treatment.
  • Protective: The presentation in gel form creates a protective layer over the entire oral, esophageal and gastric mucosa, in addition some of the elements of the formula exert a protective effect against the damage produced by QT and RT.
  • Regenerative: Providing elements that accelerate the regeneration of the damaged mucosa, normalizing it, and reducing recovery time.
  • Anti-infective: Including in its formula natural agents that reduce and treat opportunistic infections.
  • Symptom relief: Reduces the symptoms of the adverse effects of CT and RT, improving the patient’s quality of life and prognosis.
  •  About the treatment plan: It favors compliance with the plan and treatment cycles, often interrupted or delayed due to the persistence of side effects.
  • Patient prognosis: Because it minimizes the impact that CT and RT have on the patient’s quality of life, eliminating or minimizing the adverse effects of the oro/pharyngeal/digestive mucosa, which prevent a normalized feeding of the patient, and a delay of the treatment plan.