It is a First-In-Class product, specially designed to relieve symptoms and act at the mitochondrial level of patients with fibromyalgic syndrome and chronic fatigue.

The 20 elements that make up the formula have been chosen with galenic criteria to achieve the best synergy, without interacting with the drugs that are traditionally prescribed for this type of patient. The separate formula specifically for day and night, according to circadian rhythms, allows an effect always adapted to the needs of these patients, it is presented in two different jars in the same box of 30 tablets in each formula.

How does DOLOFIM® BIPHASIC work?

DOLOFIM® BIPHASIC formulation is adapted to provide the best solution to the disease cycle and patient needs: in the morning patients need to be active, reduce pain and be able to carry out daily life activities without the limitations of the disease, and at night they need quality rest.

These two synergistic formulations besides to take advantage of circadian rhythms, adapted to the daily or nightly needs, helps to relieve the main symptoms with a balanced ingredients mixture and, in an innovative approach, at the mitochondrial level trying to solve the dysfunctions that cause the chain of events that studies show as triggers of these complications.

All ingredients have proven effectiveness and are supported by scientific evidence through clinical studies published in reference media. Our differentiation is to provide elements that help prevent dysfunctions at the mitochondrial level and we take a step beyond purely symptomatic treatment. In addition, we differentiate and adapt our formulation to circadian rhythms, since it has been shown that the needs of patients vary depending on whether they are active during the day or rest at night.

The first action of DOLOFIM® biphasic is on the symptoms

  • Reduces pain.
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Reduces the feeling of tiredness.
  • Reduces numbness.
  • Reduces the state of confusion (Fibrofog).
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and signs of depression.
  • It enhances sleep quality.
  • Improves quality of life.

The second action of DOLOFIM® biphasic is mitochondrial stress at the basis of the problem

  • Supplying elements that are diminished in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and their lack is linked to these pathologies.
  • Improving mitochondrial function and metabolism.
  • Increasing ATP levels.
  • Improving the functioning of nerve and brain cells.
  • Helping to create new neurotransmitters.
  • Acting on the cellular basis of pain, lack of energy and mood.
  • Increasing levels of serotonin, dopamine,
  • Reducing cortisol as an element linked to stress.
  • Providing the basic elements against mitochondrial stress and cell aging and destruction.