ONCOEXPERIENCE is a line of innovative products for treatment and relieve of oncology treatments side effects.


ONCOEXPERIENCE for oncology side effects. QUYRIUX® OROPHAX 360OROPHAX 360®

Conditioning and protective gel for the treatment of mucositis.

The balanced combination and integration process of innovative active ingredients, with galenic in a gel with special characteristics, integrating natural extracts, vitamins and mineral salts, all protected by intellectual property, it is specially designed to act on the keys and reduce in a way unique, the impact of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the oropharyngeal mucosa and throughout the entire digestive tract, improving the quality of life and prognosis of these patients.



Oral spray for the reduction of acute symptoms in patients with early stage grade I or II oral mucositis, helping to prevent progression to grade III/IV mucositis.

The combination with an innovative galenic and with VIHOLABS intellectual property, malic acid with mint extract and coconut oil, increases salivary flow rates while providing antiseptic, antimicrobial, cleansing and refreshing benefits. It works by reducing inflammation of the gums and oropharyngeal mucosa and preventing and treating opportunistic infections.


It accelerates the recovery of the immune system, reduces the vulnerability/fragility of the patient after the treatment cycle, preparing him/her to arrive in the best conditions for the next cycle where, once the treatment is finished, the levels of defense are restored to avoid opportunistic infections that can complicate the patient’s prognosis and even put his/her own life at risk.


GINSIX forteGINSIX® forte

It is a compound belonging to the family of other antiemetics intended to relieve the Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV) inconvenient.


Emerges as an indispensable component in the cancer therapeutic arsenal, providing an amalgam of benefits that enhance the effectiveness of the treatment and increase the quality of life of cancer patients


Medical Devices


Cream for the treatment of hand-foot syndrome, associated with multikinase inhibitors (Sunitinib, Axitinib…) or with agents such as 5-fluorouracil, doxorubicin and capecitabine.

The therapeutic cream for hand-foot syndrome is a medical device in the form of a cream, rich in ingredients that form a moisturising-lubricating and protective-regenerative barrier on the skin.



Medical device in the form of a gel for use in skin disorders that occur as a consequence of radiotherapy. Creates a protective barrier on the skin, hydrates and relieves the sensation of tension and itching.