The problem of the diabetic foot

15% of diabetic patients develop foot ulcers.
15% of diabetic patients develop foot ulcers.
50% of people with diabetes are at risk of ulcers.
85% of amputations can be prevented.


Presence of neuropathy, ischemia, and infection leading to skin lesions or ulcers due to minor trauma leading to significant morbidity that could even lead to amputations.
Our innovative technological solution uniquely solves the needs related to the daily care of people with diabetes, simplifying their care, making the simple gesture of putting on a sock a complete improvement in their prognosis.

Innovation foundations

Based on cellular photobiostimulation, it acts on mitochondrial chromophores by absorbing photons and stimulating ATP, which is the main source of cellular energy.
• Improves metabolism.
• Improves cellular respiration.
• Facilitates the elimination of metabolic detritus and toxins.
• Facilitates the entry of nutrients and oxygen.
• Reduces oxidative stress, this being one of the determining factors in the development of pathologies.
Cellular photobiostimulation (CPS) is a technology that won a Nobel Prize for its developers and has been used in NASA space programs to alleviate problems arising from space travel.

Clinically Proven Benefits

98% Adherence
100% Pain reduction
90% Increased muscle tone
90% Balance Enhancement
60% Thermoregulatory effect
90% Pathogen reduction
15% Increase oxygen levels
90% Improves body posture

Technology performance

It improves the endothelial regeneration of blood vessels, while promoting the production of nitric oxide in the endothelium and increasing the oxygen supplied to the cells. This has a vasodilatory action that contributes to increasing the blood supply.

We use nanoparticles capable of emitting cellular photobiostimulation.
These nanoparticles stick together forever, fusing them into the DNA of the polyester fibers.
They stably emit 4 wavelengths simultaneously within the healthy range, between 4 and 16 microns, ceasing to be inert tissue to become bioactive tissue.
We have solid clinical studies on the benefits of our technology.

The first sock for daily use with beneficial properties for proper diabetic foot care.

Its properties are integrated into the thread for life, they are not lost over time, neither by use nor by washing. It makes the simple act of wearing the socks change the prognosis of this disease for the patient.

  • Without altering the lifestyle of the patient.
  • In all phases of the disease.
  • For all people with diabetes.

Unique benefits for daily use

• No seams that normally put pressure and endanger the foot or leg.
• Decreases insulin requirements by optimizing glucose.
• Bacteriostatic activity reducing the risk of infections.
• Balances muscle loads, corrects the position of the leg, reduces the risk of friction and injury.
• Thermoregulatory effect that helps prevent complications.
• Improvement of local circulation. Increased levels of Nitric Oxide, increased oxygenation of cells, accelerates wound healing.
• Reduces discomfort and pain, minimizing the symptoms of neuropathy.
• Accelerates the healing process, favoring the restoration of the skin.