OBEGLUTIDE© is a scientifically optimized pharmaceutical formulation for weight loss, providing precise control over incretin system modulation. This strategic approach enhances nutrient absorption, catalyzes fat-to-energy conversion, and precisely regulates calorie intake. Beyond its metabolic influence, OBEGLUTIDE© effectively impacts energy production, reduces visceral fat, and plays a crucial role in modulating glycogen to increase satiety. Additionally, as a serotonin precursor, it regulates mood and appetite, simultaneously contributing to reducing cortisol levels..

The 360 action process

Slender IO• Increases the levels of GLP-1 and CCK, which regulate, among others, the desire to eat and appetite, as well as slow intestinal transit, giving a feeling of a full stomach.
• Increases energy levels and stimulate the nervous system. High energy levels, help people be more active during the day that definitively helps lose weight.
• Increases serotonin levels naturally which helps control mood. When serotonin levels are high, it is easier to avoid cravings.

• Reduces fats circulation levels preventing the consequent storage and generation of fat. It helps to eliminate fats and regulate glucose levels.
• Reduces the body volume by burning and mobilizing accumulated fats.


• Reduces anxiety and the urge to eat.
• Increases the feeling of satiety.
• Helps eliminate accumulated fat. Reduces body volume.
• Reduces cortisol levels, favoring stress control.
• Rise the levels of energy.
• Increases the efficiency of the body’s cells in the process of metabolizing glucose.


• Its bioavailability is 20% higher than other solutions thanks to its spray administration method.
• It is more effective than other solutions even at lower doses.
• It is safer and without the adverse effects of the most used treatments.
• It can be used discreetly everywhere thanks to its easily transportable packaging.

Clinical Study Available

OBEGLUTIDE Spray combined with a diet can help to lose 5.42 kg in only 4 weeks of treatment, that is 24.68% more effective than following the diet alone.” – Results of study of Clínica San Francisco. Ciudad Real, 2017.